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Educatsio is an online dance platform located in India. We are passionate about Raising the generation of the best performers through our unique, informative & regular dance classes, giving Kids & Adults the opportunity and platform to become talented dancers.

Professional dance forms have got their own way of learning and we teach students in an organized manner such as focusing on Foundation, Technicality & Musicality through our Quality instructors.


Belly dance Class

Belly Dance



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Contemporary Dance Rehearsal



Kids Bollywood & Freestyle

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Group Zumba Workout

Zumba Fitness

Fun at Yoga


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are EDUCATSIO sessions live or pre-recorded?
✓ Each session is conducted live by our expert instructors through Zoom meeting App

2. What is the language of teaching in EDUCATSIO?
✓ All sessions on EDUCATSIO are conducted in English as students from abroad will
be attending as well.

3. How is EDUCATSIO different from other platform?
✓ We believe teaching dance as a form of education more than entertainment. Our
classes are structured and organized, focusing more on basic fundamentals of
particular dance form.

4. What do we offer additionally after every dance session?
✓ We provide video tutorials with slow counts and with music for practise after every
dance session. MP3 song is also provided.

5. What other services do we offer besides online classes?
✓ We offer corporate events, fitness parties, workshops,private one-one sessions, school and college projects, wedding events and dance camps

6. Does students need to make any additional materials to attend EDUCATSIO classes?
✓ Each dance genre has requirements in terms of basic learning. Equipments will be
communicated before the start of each session

7. What happens if I sign up for a free session and cannot attend it?
✓ If you are unable to attend your free session due to unavoidable circumstance, please write to us at and we would be happy to help you
book another session.